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BDSM Sex Story: Hardly any normal sex but it’s a stroke story if you like sadistic abuses. How I started off on my journey as a painslut, (fictional fantasy only).

—original— My sister’s friend Emily had caught my eye earlier that year when her budding thirteen year old body, I realized, was blossoming into that of a young

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I was working the night shift my wife the day. While I was home I would wear her bra’s panties and I started wearing her make up. ” I had herd so much about it, I

I don’t think I can remember what triggered it, but I suppose it all began after Mom and Dad had split up just after I began my junior year in college.

Ever since I learned what masturbation was, my stepmom Pammy became my #1 jerk off subject. After every weekend I spent with my dad and stepmom I would come home and

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My Name is Amy. By Amy. Hi, My name is Amy, it used to be Alan. Let me tell you my story. I was a successful sales rep and my wife, Trish is a lawyer in a big firm in

My Mom the Milf I was always curious about sex with my mom. She was drunk a lot and it was easy to look. I’d look at her shapely breasts and shaven pussy and jerk off

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I fantasized that Puja had come in my room after taking a bath with only a towel around her, smelling and looking fresh as a flower with morning dew speckled over its

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It was on our honeymoon when my told me of her past Read My wife’s tale., free First Time Stories at aSexStories.com

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